American Coin Treasures Treasure Chest of 51 Historic Coins

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American Coin Treasures Treasure Chest of 51 Historic Coins

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The perfect addition to any coin collector, this treasure chest is filled with 51 historic coins. This chest contains copper wheat ear pennies, buffalo nickels and may even include a rare Indian head penny or liberty nickel.

  • Add to your coin collection with this treasure chest of historic coins
  • Collectible set includes 51 historic coins
  • Antique wooden chest full of coins a must-have for any collector


  • 44 Lincoln Wheat-Ear Pennies (minted 1909-1958)
  • One 1943 Lincoln Steel Penny
  • One Jefferson Wartime Silver Nickel (minted 1942-1945)
  • One Buffalo Nickel (minted 1913-1938)
  • Two Silver Mercury Dimes (minted 1916-1945)
  • One Indian Head Penny (minted 1859-1909)
  • One Liberty Nickel (minted 1883-1912)


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